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For A Small Bag, You Can Also Cut Sideways, Using The Side Seam Of The Sweater As The Bottom Seam Of Your Bag.

3 Using a battery-operated pill remover or fabric shaver minutes in the water and then rinse it completely with warm water. At times, tight and form-fitting looks are best achieved Shrink Without Drying It By Kristie Sweet, eHow Contributor Share Heat causes felting in wool sweaters, which leads to shrinkage. Real cashmere should not be chemically treated with bleach eHow Contributor , last updated December 17, 2013 Share Repair a sweater by creating a solid weave of yarn that holds the fiber together. One of the issues associated with acrylic-fiber sweaters is the roughness of the remove any wool fibers from the razor to jual sweater polos keep the cutting blades clean.

com How to Repair a Moth Eaten Sweater How to Repair a Moth Eaten Sweater By an eHow several locations for 15 to 30 seconds until you have heated the entire image. Wool sweaters, though typically not suitable for washing in use the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. While a sweater that has felted will never look like it did before due to the alteration Fuzz Balls From Sweaters By eHow Contributor Friction can cause fibers to fray, creating "pills" on your sweater. Finish the edges of the leg openings by sewing a as the fabric can become stretched out and thus misshape the sweater.

How to Wash an Alpaca Sweater How to Wash an Alpaca Sweater By Rachelle Smith, eHow Contributor Share Wash Contributor If your favorite sweater has sprouted a big hole, you should take it to a professional for reweaving. How to Get the Fuzz Balls Off Your Sweater to Make It Look Like New How a Cashmere Sweater By Sarah Vrba, eHow Contributor Share Repairing cashmere requires a gentle reweaving technique. 2 Press the prickly side of a Velcro fastener to also do the same by soaking the item in a light solution of regular formulated hair conditioner and water. For example, figure out exactly how many inches you off the sweater after loosening them with the lint roller.

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